Hansa Rostock vs. FSV Zwickau – 3rd league NOW in the live ticker: 0: 0

Promotion aspirant Hansa Rostock faces FSV Zwickau in the 3rd division today. Here you can follow the 90 minutes live in the ticker. In addition, the parallel games Kaiserslautern against Uerdingen and Dynamo Dresden against Viktoria Köln are tickered live.

Hansa Rostock wants to replace the tied Dynamo Dresden (both 66) on the 36th matchday of the 3rd league at best as the leader of the table. Hansa receives the FSV Zwickau, here the game can be played in SPOX– Follow live ticker.

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55 .: A flat cross from the baseline on the right side of Stanic is actually harmless, but slips through too strong, who pulls off the turn with the right from eight meters. But Rossbach is right and blocks the leather from the danger zone.

54 .: Top scorer Schröter is allowed to play again after a short injury break due to a strain and replaces the troubled captain on the right side.

Hansa Rostock vs. FSV Zwickau: 3rd league NOW in the live ticker – 0: 0

52 .: Now the swans have a corner from the right. Coskun circles them cheekily and high up on the gate, where Kolke has to make himself very long to steer them around the second post – corner again!

50 .: After an Omladic corner from the left, the ball bounces in front of Verhoek’s feet, who has an eye for Scherff at the corner of the penalty area and puts it down super. The shot from Scherff stuck in the Zwickauer block in front of the box from Brinkies!

49 .: After a throw-in in the FSV half on the left, Scherff plays a one-two with Roßbach and then moves at speed towards the corner of the penalty area. There he decides for a pass to the left to Türpitz, which is intercepted by Stanic.

46 .: Referee Ittrich clears the game again! Kolke is back between the posts and can continue. However, Türpitz comes for Breier with the Rostockers and the swans have also swapped: Strong comes for Lokotsch.

46 .: Let’s go!

43 .: Marius Hauptmann (FSV Zwickau) is shown a yellow card. A liberation from Hauptmann on the left side sticks to the advancing Rossbach. Hauptmann wants to make up for his mistake, but hits the Rostock on the back of the right leg.

42 .: Rhein sees Neidhart on the right, whose flank is deflected from the half-field by Coskun with a head to the corner. Omladic hits the corner weak and flat in the first half of the penalty area, where Könnecke can clear powerfully.

Hansa Rostock vs. FSV Zwickau: 3rd league today in the live ticker – the lineups

37 .: The game babbles a bit because the Rostockers who determine the game too seldom play fast and straight forward. Hansa has to act more courageously and without frills.

35 .: Lokotsch wants to surprise Löhmannsröben from behind, but comes too late and keeps his foot on the defender – Rostock free kick in his own half.

34 .: But even this standard does not pose a threat to the swans, because Omladic hits the ball high over the goal.

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