Hansa Rostock vs. FC Ingolstadt: 3rd league NOW in the live ticker – 0: 0

Top game in the 3rd division! Hansa Rostock welcomes FC Ingolstadt today on the 35th matchday. Here at SPOX you can follow the game in the live ticker.

Who will take the next step towards promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga – Hansa Rostock or FC Ingolstadt? On the 35th matchday, the duel between the second against the third in the table will take place in Rostock. With our live ticker you won’t miss an important scene.

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Hansa Rostock vs. FC Ingolstadt: 3rd league NOW in the live ticker – 0: 0

37 .: The hosts make a dangerous attack, but Verhoek then jumps the ball a little too far from the foot 35 meters in front of the opposing goal. The striker then jumps against FCI defender Schröck with a stretched leg in the duel and hits the Ingolstadt very roughly on the lower leg. Several FCI players demand the red card for this boarding. Indeed, Verhoek is well served here with yellow.

33 .: So far, the better team are clearly the guests, who could have been in the lead if they had better exploited their chances. FC Hansa has defensive problems and only appears infrequently in the offensive.

30 .: Kutschke takes a Heinloth flank with his head – the ball flies past the goal.

27 .: The FCI keeps on steaming: This time the guests enter the hosts’ sixteen-meter space via the half-right side, Bilbija closes from ten meters. Kolke shows himself at the post and parries the ball.

25 .: Yellow card for Markus Kolke (Hansa Rostock) The hosts’ goalkeeper is again the focus. This time he hurries a little over-motivated with a high ball from the guests and does not hit the ball with his fist in the penalty area, but attacker Kutschke. Afterwards he went to work against Krauße, but pulled his long leg back. Otherwise the color of the card would have been different.

12 .: Kolke! The home side’s goalkeeper saves his team from falling behind early! Kutschke brings the ball from the right edge of the penalty area to the six yard area, where Bilbija comes free-standing to the leather! The FCI player closes from a short distance – Kolke shows a strong reflex, fends off the half-high ball to the right and then grabs the play equipment and clenches his fist!

10 .: The Ingolstadt team are represented with two players half-left around eight meters in front of the Rostock goal near the ball, Kutschke then tries to close it from an acute angle. The ball rushes to the outside netting.

Hansa Rostock vs. FC Ingolstadt: 3rd league today in the live ticker – the lineups

6 .: The FCI appears in the host’s penalty area. Then, understandably, the referee Waaschitzki decided on Eckert Ayensa’s foul.

3 .: Which club is taking a big step towards promotion to league two?

1.: The game is on.

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