Hans Krankl has no sympathy for Dejan Ljubicic’s move to Cologne

Dejan Ljubicic’s move to 1. FC Köln caused astonishment at Rapid and many fans – after all, the traditional club could be relegated to the 2. Bundesliga. Rapid legend Hans Krankl also shows little understanding.

“I don’t think it’s good that he is going to 1. FC Köln, although 1. FC Köln is a very great address and a very great club, but not at the moment. says Krankl Sky.

Krankl continues: “If he has made the transfer and he comes to the 2nd Bundesliga, then he has made a bad transfer because his sport has deteriorated a lot. Financially it will look different, so he did it.”

Before that, Rapid sports director Zoran Barisic was a bit surprised about Ljubicic’s move. “I would have expected – like most – a different club. But that is Dejan’s business alone,” he said to the courier. “Now his decision has been made and we believe that he will perform as we expected again.”

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