Günter Kreissl on successor at SK Sturm Andreas Schicker: “He passed the journeyman’s examination”

From 2016 to 2020 Günter Kreissl acted as Managing Director Sport at SK Sturm Graz. Today the 46-year-old works as an ÖFB coordinator in the goalkeeping area. In the podcast The audio evidence on Sky Sport Austria Kreissl spoke about difficult times at SK Sturm and his successor Andreas Schicker.

“It also went a bit stupid in the end. At the time when we decided that I should return to Sturm Graz as technical director in the fall, the situation was completely different from the way the season continued April (2020, note) was announced, we were in 5th place, even before the start of the championship round. That this championship round, with nine defeats, went almost disastrously badly rubbed off my time as managing director and left something behind. which made future cooperation more difficult. In addition, there were economic issues due to the Corona crisis, “reported Kreissl about the last few months as Sturms Managing Director Sport.

“I then felt that there were voices and currents around Sturm Graz who said that it would be better not to come back to Sturm. I only wanted to come back when there was a broad readiness for a future one There is cooperation around the club. I understood it and said myself that it might not make sense. That’s how it was decided – actually by us together, “he continued.

During his time at SK Sturm, Kreissl used up a lot of his energy reserves: “I identified myself so much with the task and especially with Sturm Graz that I actually invested and worked a lot and yes, the alarm bells rang for me at some point I have noticed that I am getting closer and closer to such a danger. But I believe that each of us knows it – after an intense phase in life – that we say: “I am tired. I am no longer so fresh and I reach people.” not like that anymore. “”

“Those were the things why I also said of my own accord – and the first step came from me – that I need a break in order to recharge my batteries. Because as a person I have already made a living from being someone who does it has managed at least to a certain extent to get people on board and to inspire people with ideas and visions. I felt that I had gone to the limits or approached limits that are unhealthy. With all my love for him Job, then your own well-being is in the foreground somewhere, “explained the ex-Austrian.

Kreissl: “The alarm bells have rung”

At the same time, however, he warns of a permanent challenge: “The tasks at Sturm Graz will never end. After a good season the big challenge is how to think as much as possible of a team. After a not so good season the question is how to do it with the means that Sturm Graz has at his disposal, the solutions to get back into other spheres. “

His goals as a goalkeeper coordinator at the ÖFB are clear. “My position is about the goalkeeping coach training, the whole national team and then it’s also about promoting top talent. How do we deal with the 15, 16, 17, 18-year-old top goalkeepers, about them in this one Category better – which we are currently missing – that they have number 1 status in Germany, England, Italy, Spain, “said Kreissl and added:” I think we have a lot of good goalkeepers, but currently not the goalkeeper who is a top goalkeeper somewhere abroad. “

The former kicker leaves nothing to be desired for the future. The contract with the ÖFB is unlimited until further notice. “I didn’t give myself a time window either. I’m now throwing myself into this task, getting to know it better from week to week and getting to know more and more people and I haven’t given any thought to the other. A return to the Bundesliga is not currently Subject. But I don’t want to rule out a lot, “said Kreissl.

ÖFB lacks regular goalkeeper at “top level abroad”

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