Gündogan praises Eberl: “Swims against the current sometimes”

Manchester City’s Ilkay Gündogan praised Gladbach’s sports director Max Eberl in the highest tones before the Champions League round of 16.

“He always finds the right words. I admire him for the fact that he sometimes swims against the current, gives no populist answers, but still puts his finger in the wound if necessary. He always looks very human to me,” said Gündogan dem kicker.

He was therefore “not surprised that FC Bayern asked about him a few years ago, as you can read”, added the city professional before the first leg against Borussia on Wednesday (9 pm) in Budapest.

Gündogan finds the development of the Gladbach team “definitely remarkable since I left the Bundesliga in 2016. There you get the feeling that people know exactly what they’re doing. And if things go worse, panic doesn’t break out straight away. “

With City, sovereign leader in England, Gündogan is the clear favorite against Borussia. But the 30-year-old warns: “They don’t really have classic strengths or weaknesses, which is exactly what makes them so difficult to calculate. This season they have shown several times that they can beat absolute top teams like FC Bayern, but also in the Champions League they were very successful. They come very strongly through the collective. “

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