Gündogan on CL reform: “Doesn’t anyone think of us players?”

National player Ilkay Gündogan has expressed criticism of the Champions League reform decided on Monday. “With all the talk about the Super League, could we also talk about the new Champions League format? More and more and more games, nobody thinks of us players?” Wrote the midfield strategist of Manchester City on Thursday Twitter, after the Super League, which had already failed, had been discussed in the previous days.

For Gündogan, the premier league reform is only “the lesser of the two evils. The current CL format works great. That is why it is the most popular club competition in the world – for players and fans.”

The new mode of the Champions League provides for an increase from the current 32 to 36 participants from 2024. In future, the competition will be played in the so-called “Swiss model”. Accordingly, each club plays ten group games against ten opponents drawn on the basis of a seeding list.

From this, an overall table of the 36 teams is determined, based on which the eight best-placed teams move directly into the knockout round. The teams in ranks 9 to 24 play off the other participants in the knockout round in play-offs.

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