Guardiola criticizes the Super League: “It is not a sport when there is no relationship between effort and reward”

Pep Guardiola gives orders in the band with the Open Arms sweatshirt

Pep Guardiola does not usually shy away from the present and that is why he has not stopped giving his opinion regarding the creation of the Super league, which includes the Manchester City that he trains.

“I found out a few hours before the official statement came out. Still no one has spoken in more detail about what this competition is going to be. Coaches have talked about ERTEs, Covid, confinement … But we are not the right people to answer these questions: they are the presidents. That’s why it’s a bit awkward. We do not have all the information“Guardiola commented.

I support my club but I also have my own opinion. As soon as I have all the information, I will give it. Sport is not sport when there is no relationship between effort and reward. It is not sport if it does not matter to lose. I’ve always said it: I want the competition to be as strong as possible. It is not fair if a team fights and fights and then cannot qualify because success is only guaranteed for a few clubs ”.

“Why is Ajax not in that group of teams? All clubs suffer with their economy, but it is necessary to clarify why this decision has been reached. UEFA also thinks for itself, everyone does. Lewandowski was injured in a national team break and could not be with Bayern! And he did not play in the quarterfinals after having spent ten months fighting with his team. Why don’t we clarify this as well? Everybody looks at themselves, ”the City manager explained.

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