Greuther Fürth – 1. FC Nuremberg: 2. Bundesliga today in the live ticker

In the 2. Bundesliga, the Frankenderby between SpVgg Greuther Fürth and 1. FC Nürnberg is due today. Here you can follow the game in the live ticker. You can follow the games between Osnabrück and St. Pauli as well as Würzburg against Regensburg here in LIVETICKER.

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Gates: 1-0 Nielsen (8th)

23 The club still lacks precision in the front third, but the Fürth defense almost always stands and anticipates the opponent’s actions well.

20th Great combination of the Fürth in a small space. Green is finally sent deep, who comes to the conclusion from ten meters. Mathenia clears spectacularly when coming out, then the flag goes up – Green was offside when the pass was played.

Greuther Fürth – 1. FC Nürnberg: 2. Bundesliga today in the live ticker – 1-0

17th Mavraj rushes into Schäffler from behind, who gets his foothold cut off by the Albanian – a clear yellow card for Mavraj, who sees his fifth of the season and will be missing in the upcoming game against Heidenheim.

15th Meyerhöfer pulls a free kick on the right side, which can then be cleared when kicked very weakly by the foremost Nuremberg defender in the penalty area.

13th The Nielsen goal is first and foremost an effective hit. Nürnberg scratches and bites, but often messes up the balls in midfield too recklessly.

10. The club actually came in quite passably, had two or three good offensive attempts. A successful attack is enough for the game association to take the lead.

8. Tooooor! FÜRTH – Nuremberg 1-0. The shamrock leads! Ernst is not processed enough by Sörensen on the right in the penalty area, so that the Fürth can easily take off for Meyerhöfer. The right-back pulls the flank with his right into the fiver, where Nielsen screws himself up and heads under the crossbar with great precision – nice thing!

3. Burchert grabs for the first time – but very loosely. Valentini’s deflected shot from 25 meters is no problem for the shamrock goalie.

2. The intensity of the derby can be felt right from the start. Both teams don’t give each other anything in the duels, both benches communicate loudly from outside.

Greuther Fürth – 1. FC Nürnberg: The lineups

1. Kick-off at Sportpark Ronhof!

The referee of today’s game is the internationally experienced Felix Zwayer. The Frankenderby is only the fourth second division appearance this season for Zwayer. The trained real estate agent has already whistled the Nürnberger once during the current season – in the 4-1 away win of the club in Osnabrück on the 8th match day.

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