Gonzalo Higuaín’s mother dies after several years fighting cancer

Gonzalo Higuain

Nancy Zacharias, mother of footballers Frederick Y Gonzalo Higuain and wife of the former player Jorge Higuain, died this Monday due to cancer that had been dragging for six years.

The matriarch of the Higuain clan had suffered a serious relapse in recent weeks and her family already feared the worst. Gonzalo was cautious but optimistic just 10 days before the fatal outcome. “The old woman is fine, the old woman is fine, always praying for her. It is still a hard moment, but it is a tora, it is a tora, “the Inter Miami forward said in ‘La Nación’.

Nancy was very linked to the sport. Boxer’s daughter Saints Zacharias, sister of Claudio (former player of San Lorenzo de Almagro), wife of Jorge Higuaín (Gonzalo was born during his stage in Brest, France) … In recent years, he maintained his fortitude and optimism despite the serious illness that he was diagnosed in 2016, in full America Cup and with his son playing it with Argentina.

In the last year, always with the limitations imposed by the coronavirus, both Gonzalo and Federico traveled to the family home to take care of their mother when their commitments allowed. The death of their mother caught them in Miami, precisely after making history by scoring both for the first time in the same match.

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