Goal record broken: Cristiano Ronaldo honors Brazil legend Pele – who reacts

In the 3-1 win of Juventus Turin over Cagliari Calcio on Sunday evening, Cristiano Ronaldo (36) scored a hat trick (here in the video!). It was the hits 768, 769 and 770 of his professional career. The Portuguese then honored the Brazilian football legend Pele (80), whose mark he has now exceeded, with a Instagram post.

The goalscoring records of past football icons are often controversial: It is sometimes unclear which competitions are to be added to competitive or official competitions, and the records are not always complete. The best example is Pele: The three-time world champion, FIFA player of the last century, has scored 757 or 767 goals in his career, depending on the counting method – he even speaks of a proud 1,283 hits.

When Cristiano Ronaldo topped the 757 goal mark in early January, it was a new record in competitive matches in the eyes of many observers. However, CR7 saw it differently.

In an Instagram post, he now explained why he had “not recognized this record up to this point”. His admiration for Pele and the football of his time prompted him to “count his nine goals for the Sao Paulo state team and his goal for the Brazilian military team as official goals,” wrote Ronaldo. “The world has changed since then, and so has football, but that doesn’t mean we can erase history as we see fit.”

After scoring his 770th goal, he wanted to address his first words directly to Pele, Ronaldo continued: “There is no player in the world who did not grow up with stories about his games, his goals and his achievements, and I am no exception So it fills me with joy and pride that my goal today climbed to the top of the world’s top scorer rankings and broke Pele’s record. ” He, the child from Madeira, could not have dreamed of that.

Pele congratulates Ronaldo on the new goal record

In January, Pele reacted to Ronaldo’s supposed record by pointing out his 1,283 hits. This time he showed up Facebook much more conciliatory: “Everyone goes on their own journey, and yours is just beautiful,” he wrote. “I admire you very much and I like to watch you, it’s no secret. I congratulate you on breaking my scoring record in official games. My only regret is that I can’t hug you today.”

Instead, Pele posted a photo of the 2008 world football elections when he congratulated Ronaldo on his award: It was “the symbol of a friendship that has existed for many years.”

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