"Go to Barça? Why not…?"

Guti, a former Real Madrid player, went through the red carpet at the LaLiga Ambassadors Gala. Like all his teammates, he commented on the Barcelona situation with Koeman on the wire.

Koeman: “It is a complicated situation. Many times the bad results do not depend only on a coach, but he is the maximum responsible. Barcelona is not well economically and it is a complicated position”.


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Change: “As Xavi trains as he played, he will be a crack. The feeling for Barcelona to come weighs heavily on him, but the situation is difficult to come.”

Train Barcelona: “Well, why not? You want to train and you want to teach people that in addition to being a player you also have the wood to do well as a coach.”

Hours later, the former Madrid player posted a tweet in which he hinted that the response he had given to a hypothetical future on the Barça bench was a joke. “A little humor is not bad,” he wrote


Koeman: “Barcelona is in a difficult moment and they have to leave as quickly as possible. I have not spoken with him.”

Coach change: “Dismissal is the easiest thing. You have to let him work. You have to give him time to manage the team after so much change. Barcelona’s situation can only be solved with sporting results and I hope it will be tomorrow already.

Koeman said that Barcelona couldn’t go for everything, how would a footballer hurt you to hear that from your coach?: “Hurt is a pretty strong word. As a player, if a coach says that, he devalues ​​his players. He sure has his arguments to say it. The situation is difficult. You have to get out of the situation as quickly as possible.”

Lack of support: ‘The club is supporting Koeman. He has taken the players he wanted. “

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Koeman’s situation: “The coaches depend on the results. They are not accompanying and from the outside it seems that it is questioned.”

Change: “In football the easiest option when there are problems is to change to one than 25. It is what everyone usually chooses. Not only for better sports, but a change revitalizes and revives the mood of the locker room.”

Fernando iron

Ancelotti: “He is a gentleman, an endearing guy. He is the ideal one for the club. He is going to fight for the League and the Champions League, as always. What happens is that the calendar does not help. He is compressed. The team lacks a bit of regularity , but no team has it yet. “

Koeman: “I don’t know what Barcelona should do. As an athlete I love that everyone does well. But that Madrid wins. Situations like this have been experienced many times. Clubs go through different stages. Perhaps it is time to think about the future with those young teams. “


Athletic: “The reality is that we have just started and it is difficult to speak of favorites. He is the current champion and has a superb team. I would like it to be a competitive League until the end to enjoy until the last moment.”

Nine in the Selection: “They are circumstances of the Selcción. Luis Enrique chooses those who best believe his style.”


Koeman: “Let the Board decide on this. For me the most important thing is the game. It is very beautiful. The footballers have to win and enjoy themselves.”

Favorite of Atleti-Barcelona: “From my point of view, Atlético has a better squad than all the LaLiga teams and not only than Barcelona. They will be favorites, but Barça is always Barça. The players will try to draw pride to show that they are still alive even though they are give up for dead. “

Substitute: “It will be a decision of the Board.”

Benzema: “Right now he is the best striker.”

Fernando Sanz

Defeat of Madrid: “I was surprised. Nobody thought that could happen. We had many occasions. It is true that Ancelotti warned. It is very difficult to play against these teams that seem inferior.”

Vinicius and Hazard: “Vinicius is performing at a high level. He is being the revelation of Real Madrid at this start. We have not seen the level of Chelsea from Hazard, he is still waiting for him. We have seen him green shoots. Hopefully he will gain confidence and return to being the of before”.


Start of the championship: “It is the beginning of the season and many things usually happen. In these first matches some conclusions are drawn, but those should be drawn at the end of the season. I liked the start of Madrid, despite the Champions League stumble. That is the Champions League Barcelona’s negative start surprises me. It’s not easy with so many statements. “

Benzema: “He gave him the Ballon d’Or without any problem. They asked him to take responsibility when Cristiano left and now he is the Real Madrid franchise player.”

Xabi Prieto

Real Sociedad: “It is being a very exciting start. They have a very young team but with a lot of future and hope”.


Villarreal: “Living the games from the stands is very nervous, but we saw a great Villarreal game. The game was missing and more against these great clubs. Cristiano had his chance and killed us.”

Yeremi Pine tree: “Last season ended very well. We hope he continues at this level and continues with us for many years to come.”


Vinicius: “You have to understand everything a bit. Give time. It came at a delicate moment, there were many criticisms. Now, with the time that has passed, he no longer feels that pressure and is maturing and it leads him to have a progression of his game” .

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