Girona submits to Almería

Cristoforo, from Girona, pressures Morlanes, from Almería.

Girona have taken a giant step to contest the final of their promotion to the First Division after passing over a disappointing Almería (3-0). This Thursday the first leg of the second semifinal between Rayo and Leganés is celebrated (9:00 p.m.) and the return matches of these two semifinals (Saturday and Sunday) will be played at the weekend. The final will take place on June 13 and 20, where Girona will surely be if Almería fail to overcome a 3-0 that will weigh on them like a slab. The Catalan team was much superior to an opponent who, despite getting into the qualifying rounds for promotion, had been emitting worrying signals in the last two months, where he lost the train of direct promotion and José Gomes was replaced by Ruby. The Catalan coach has not been able to change Almería’s face and is bound to achieve a feat this Saturday.

It is hardly justifiable that in a game of this importance one team so obviously surprise another. Girona, intense, fast and concentrated, was a cyclone that passed over Almería in half an hour of enormous superiority for the Catalan team. Rubi, the Andalusian coach, did not believe it in the band. A header from Bárcenas and an empty goal from Couto had put a surprising 2-0 on the scoreboard in the fifth minute. The 1,500 lucky Girona fans who returned to the stands witnessed a very satisfactory demonstration for their interests. The local players were superior in all facets of the game against an Almería that extended to the decisive moment the doubts that had been reflected in the last stretch of the regular championship. These doubts are summarized in a competitive downturn incompatible with your budget and your staff.

Girona, very well trained by the Almeria Francisco, football things, not only made it 2-0, but was able to score another goal, as when goalkeeper Makaridze saved 3-0 against Couto. Almería, a shadow, only reacted in the final stretch in an action by Akieme that Lazo failed to finish off.

The Andalusian team, well managed by Aketxe, showed a better image in the second half. Girona did not show superiority in the first minutes, but they did show a lot of intelligence to always bring the game to their own ground. He even made it 3-0 in a direct football action where the Andalusian defense failed again. Sylla, very fast, took advantage of a good ball from Bárcenas to make the third. Almería performed an exercise in impotence and did not enjoy any clear chance of scoring a goal that would have gotten them into the tie. Rubi’s men have the major challenge of coming back from 3-0 next Saturday.

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