Giménez: “The fault of the goal is mine, I was responsible, it hurts a lot”

Jose Maria Gimenez, defense of Atlético de Madrid, the responsibility of the goal of the AC Milan that knocked down the mattress team in the Champions leagues. “The team is very touched. It was a final, we had it very clear. We knew that we could not fail and defined by one detail. We still have the final in Portugal and we will try to win and see what happens ”, said the rojiblanco central in the microphones of Movistar.

As we say, the Uruguayan lamented the goal. “It is clear that when you cannot win, the important thing is not to lose. It’s a shame because the defensive work was still good. The concept in this sense, when playing at home, makes you go forward and we lost the ball, they played us on the outside and for us defenders in the race it is difficult to look and go for the brand, ”continued the center-back who pointed out: “You have to assume the mistakes, the blame, I was the central and responsible.”


Altercados against Atletico-Milan.


“It hurts a lot, because defensively we had done a pretty good job. That detail makes everything more difficult, “said the Uruguayan player who acknowledged that the Athletic is suffering. “When we have to play in Champions we didn’t have a good time. Already in San Siro They were better and we did not start to beat them until they were left with one less, something natural on the other hand because in the end they did not reach all the marks. But in equal numbers they closed us well, they pressured us, they didn’t let us play, they came with a lot of people inside … “, he explained.

Before thinking about the party of Port, Gimenez He advocated focusing on the immediate to arrive at a winning trend for that match. “Now what we have to do is turn the page. We have a party in nothing. Tomorrow to rest and it will be another day and think about Cadiz what is coming ”, he explained.

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