Gerard Moreno is pure gold

At José Zorrilla it was Gerard Moreno and the rest. The Catalan player has found, dressed in yellow, the maximum expression of his football. He did it a long time ago and is still determined to be the protagonist without raising his voice, just for his game and his goals. He was there and with that it was enough for Villarreal to win in Pucela and put Valladolid in trouble, who insisted and tried until the last moment. But he fell into the abyss because his rival played Gerard Moreno, who was able to get a goal out of the hat after a long pass from Pau. He cooked it, worked it, ate it and left the pucelanos on the edge of the precipice, in the relegation places of the League.

The goal that opened the scoring was a work of art, simple in its execution, but one that only a genius can complete. He received in the area, lowered the ball, held Nacho’s grasp, turned around and looked for the impossible stick for Roberto. In the discount, a ball that filtered from the side, after tempering, scanning the horizon and hitting, led to the second goal of the submarine, which Capoue materialized.

Two sparkles of class for a superlative footballer, who surpassed Villarreal’s historical record for goals in the League (55), which until now he shared with Rossi and Forlán, and has no one to overshadow him. Not that Gerard was the best of the game, but that it was the game, of which even the goal that tipped the balance could only be said that it had been a clean match, played with sportsmanship and enthusiasm, with good weather, but little else. Valladolid hampered by their situation, and with Villarreal to see them come, waiting for their moment, the game went from one area to another without much interest. There was dabbling in both areas, but more because of the inertia of the game than because of the football that the two teams made, which played more with impulses of the heart than of the head. The legs worked at a slow pace, nothing illogical at this point in the season, and the occasions came by decanting. The first, by Roque Mesa, who created the space and fired with intention but without giving the ball the necessary effect to find the goal. Then it was Weismann, a pass from Toni Villa, who tried to test Asenjo, but his shot went wide.

Valladolid, upset by their situation, pressed what they could, and had their best opportunity to score in a massive error from the yellow defense, which left El Yamiq in front of Asenjo, who reacted with reflexes. It was already in the second half, when Sergio, the local coach, began to move chips on the field to activate his offensive game, without getting too disturbed at Villarreal.

And then Gerard Moreno appeared, to continue scoring goals, breaking records and putting the game on a platter for his team. He scored in the 67th minute, when there were still many minutes left but the forces of the Blanquivioletas were waning, whose legs were seized by the responsibility of the match. His apparent dominance was waning as the 90th minute approached and no solution from the bench unblocked the situation.

Already in the discount came the lace, which leaves Valladolid in a precarious situation, makes it lie down in the relegation positions of the classification and also tightens the numbers in the European fight, which has not yet established the order of its factors. All due to the stellar appearance of Gerard Moreno, so elegant in his game, so comfortable on the pitch, which is pure gold for Emery, and possibly also for Luis Enrique in the face of the European Championship.

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