Gerard Moreno fulfills his promise to David Broncano in the 1-0 celebration in the Europa League final

Gerard Moreno celebrates 1-0 in the Europa League final

Gerard Moreno He is a man who keeps his promises and, within half an hour of the end of the Europa League, he fulfilled the one he had done to David broncano on your visit to The resistance.

The forward, who will also be the reference in attack of the Spanish team in the Eurocup, promised to imitate giving himself an injection if he dialed. “It’s fine although UEFA does a lot of anti-doping control, let’s see if they will think I’m doped,” he joked with Broncano, to finish promising to do it.

The objective was not only to be funny, but to raise awareness about the importance of vaccination.

The goal came from a set piece, rehearsed. Dani Parejo he fouled the ball from the three-quarter zone, so that Moreno came from the second row and put his right foot.

The output of David De Gea, somewhat defective because he slipped, allowed the scorer to enter Villarreal history by scoring the first goal in a European final for the Castellón club.

How could it be otherwise, the social networks of La Resistencia and Broncano himself went crazy with this celebration, whose objective is to raise awareness, with a clear sense of humor, about vaccination.

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