Gerard Moreno ends with Cádiz

They lead their teams with their goals, assists and play. They make their teammates better: Messi at Barça; Benzema at Madrid; Gerard Moreno at Villarreal. Moreno, another game, was the soul of Villarreal, Cadiz’s executor with a penalty goal as soon as the match began, and the architect of an assist to Bacca. The victory of Emery’s team seemed comfortable, after more than an hour of superiority in the game. But Cádiz got into the game with a goal from Álex Fernández in the last stretch. Villarreal then remembered the points lost in the final minutes of other matches, and he managed with fear in his body the victory to which he gripped with suffering. And with the twisted gesture due to the departure of Gerard Moreno on the pitch, with muscular problems in his right leg. This Monday they will submit to tests in the concentration of the selection.

In La Cerámica, Álvaro Cervera’s approach soon fell apart. Villarreal’s first attack action ended with an outstretched hand from Jonsson inside the Cadiz area. The VAR notified the referee, who, after reviewing the play, decreed the penalty that Gerard Moreno transformed with power and placement, impossible for Ledesma. Seconds before the start of the match, Parejo explained with gestures to Chukwueze the play that would happen later: the Nigerian, in his internships from the far right, had to raise his head to see the entry into the area of ​​Coslada. Premonitory.

The reaction of Cádiz, forced to expand, had Negredo as the protagonist. The Vallecano headed with power a center of Sobrino, and demanded a good intervention of Asenjo.

Cádiz took a step forward and the meeting led to comings and goings from area to area, Villarreal more willing and with better arguments, with more presence against Ledesma, forcing the people of Cadiz to retreat while waiting for some counter. After half an hour, Emery’s team took a break through the ball, slowly working out their attacks. Episodic but spicy were the approaches of Álvaro Cervera’s team, more eager to contain the local offensives. The rest endorsed the Villarreal proposal. But Cádiz was still in the game.

As soon as he left the locker room, Bacca, by millimeters, saw a goal being disallowed after he headed a cross from Estupiñán to the squad. Shortly after it would be Ledesma who touched the right one so that another shot of the Colombian finished in the crossbar. Villarreal did not want final surprises and sought by all roads, on foot or in space, to endorse the victory. Cádiz survived. Until Gerard Moreno made an uncheck and a control oriented after passing to de Trigueros. The international striker left the ball to Bacca so that he only had to push the net.

Álvaro Cervera was desperate on the bench. But two minutes later, in ’69, he got back on track. Álex Fernández put Cádiz back into the game after picking up a rejection from Asenjo. Villarreal suffered until the end and lost Gerard Moreno, their leader, through injury.

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