Gerard Moreno commands the Villarreal promenade

With Parejo’s cadence, Chukwueze’s speed and, fundamentally, because of Gerard Moreno’s weight in the game, a huge striker, equally differential inside and outside the area, Villarreal, a brilliant semi-finalist in the Europa League, crushed Levante , melting the loose resistance granota with its associative game.

In a forceful start, Villarreal pushed Levante against Aitor’s goal. Parejo filtered a pass to the right over Mario Gaspar, who, very high, doubled to Chukwueze to receive the ball. His center, hard and at mid-height, which was looking for Bacca, bounced off Postigo and got into the goal. Reeling from the bright yellow game, Levante conceded, four minutes later, the second goal. One of the best in the championship. Gerard Moreno, an extraordinary striker, ran from the medullary line, Postigo, hooked, broke the offside. The pass, excellent, was from the Parejo metronome, Villarreal’s compass. Gerard, on top of Duarte, entered the area and what happened next was an excellent maneuver. Gerard, fine as a ballet dancer, with the ball stuck and two elastic movements of his right foot, first with the inside, then with the outside, left the central Tico immobile, as if roots had suddenly grown, and swelled the cross shot net with the left. A wonderful goal rocking his body from side to side like a reed.

Levante, when he woke up, chose to play the exchange of blows. The granota never capitulate. Their behavior when they fit is usually the same as when they get ahead on the scoreboard. Goals against hardly affect them. They raised the pressure and reduced differences before reaching minute 25. Coquelin received from Asenjo to start the ball out, but from his back and poorly profiled, he was the victim of aggressive pressure from Malsa who stole the ball and scored, putting his team in the match.

Villarreal continued to transit with danger, but lost the effectiveness of the first minutes and Levante got up at the restart, adjusting marks and balancing the duel until Gerard appeared again, officiating, this time, as a fine midfielder. The striker ‘groguet’ sent a ball over Alcácer, which, not selfishly, received and gave it to Chukwueze to make the third. Then Villarreal exploited the spaces that Levante left behind him and crushed him. Vezo made the fourth own goal and Chukwueze, raised the fifth to the scoreboard after a fantastic pass from Trigueros. Biting the counter and penalizing the daring granota, Emery’s eleven achieved a comfortable and resounding victory.

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