Gareth Bale recoils and his representative does not ensure that his future goes through Real Madrid

Gareth Bale and Mourinho.

It seems that Gareth Bale he backs down in his statements to ESPN in which he said that next season he would return to Real Madrid. The player’s representative, Jonathan Barnett, has been in charge of clarifying what was said by the Tottenham player. “Bale’s words were totally taken out of context. It is still too early to know what the future of Bale will be in the medium and long term “, Explain.

Bale’s current situation is that he is on loan to Tottenham until the end of the season, with the London club paying 15 of the 30 million gross of the contract of the Welshman, who has a contract with Real Madrid until June 2022. For this reason, the footballer confessed that “The main reason I came to Spurs this year was that, obviously, I wanted to play football in the first place, but being on the verge of the European Championship, I wanted to go to that tournament in perfect shape”. He also added that “the original plan was to only do one season at Spurs, and then, after the European Championship, I still had a year left at Real Madrid. My plan is to go back and that’s what I have in mind, to be honest”.

Considering that the Qatar World Cup It will take place in 2022, if Bale did not find a place at Real Madrid, he would be facing the same problem as now for the international event. Furthermore, Barnett admitted that the MLS North American remains an option for the Welshman, as long as a way is found to be able to pay him the contract.

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