Gareth Bale at Tottenham Hotspur: Aliens, emotional scars and an unclear future

Gareth Bale returned to Tottenham Hotspur on loan from Real Madrid last summer and has been extremely changeable since then. The future of the 31-year-old winger from Wales is open – but Real will definitely want to avoid one scenario.

A few weeks ago, Tottenham Hotspur published a very entertaining video on its own YouTube channel: Gareth Bale and his teammate Joe Rodon took turns drawing random questions from two white bowls and then discussing them.

The topic of aliens led to a particularly interesting exchange. While Rodon was pushing around a bit, Bale was sure: “There are definitely aliens, 100 percent.” During the course of the video, he came back to the subject several times, reported on relevant publications by the US government and even told of a personal UFO sighting.

Bale was visibly relaxed and in a revelatory mood. So it’s actually too bad that Rodon didn’t question his teammate’s professional future and how he handled the speculations about himself that had been going on for years. Bale’s views on these issues would have been just as interesting as his assessments of the existence of aliens.

As in previous summers, Bale’s future is once again completely unclear. Is he returning to Real Madrid where he is still tied until 2022? Is he moving permanently to Tottenham? Or to another club? Well, in a nutshell: where will the UFO Bale land for the new season?

Gareth Bale came to Tottenham because of match practice

Soon, however, Bale did not decide any more Champions League finals and at some point was not even a regular player due to persistent injury problems and at times openly displayed disinterest. For a substitute he is too good from his point of view and too expensive from Real’s point of view, which is why there is actually constant speculation about his future.

After a few, for whatever reason, transfers, Bale was finally loaned out to his ex-club Tottenham for a year last summer, which takes on around 40 percent of his monstrous salary. Bale came mainly to gain match practice before the upcoming European Championship with Wales. He succeeded at least in phases.

His arrival sparked storms of enthusiasm among Tottenham’s fans, which soon turned into disillusionment. Not too surprisingly, Bale struggled with physical problems: sometimes the knee hurt, sometimes the calf, sometimes something else. Until February, missions were rare and goals were even rarer.

But then Bale turned up from nowhere and it became clear: If he is fit and allowed to play regularly, he can still be the unstoppable right winger from before. In late February and early March, Bale scored six goals and put on three more in just 17 days. The interaction with Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son worked great.

According to the then reigning coach Jose Mourinho, the decisive factor was the healing of “mental scars”, as he did at ESPN analyzed: “If you have problems with injuries for a few seasons, it is not about muscular problems, but more about mental scars. They bring anxiety and instability. But he broke them.”

Regardless of this, the financially battered Real will probably do everything in its power to give Bale away in the upcoming summer. A reintegration into the team seems almost impossible after he had increasingly looked like an alien during the disappointing past years in Madrid. It is essential to avoid another season of salary payments including the subsequent departure free of charge. Last summer, Real let James Rodriguez, a once expensive star, move without any transfer income.

Tottenham does not have an option to buy Bale, but is generally not entirely averse to a firm commitment. After all, he showed his still excellent skills at least in phases and the fans love him anyway. Real and, above all, Bale himself would have to make financial cuts. Tottenham President Daniel Levy is considered a tough negotiator who is initially critical of any investments in the squad.

Ryan Mason placed his trust in Gareth Bale

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