Funeral procession: Austria-Vienna fans put the coffin in front of the Generali-Arena

Vienna Austria is sinking into chaos. On Friday afternoon, around a hundred fans gathered in front of the Generali-Arena and protested peacefully against the overall situation.

The funeral procession of the Austria fans did not make it to the office – the police cordoned off the area – but the message was still successfully transmitted.

Austria fans put a coffin and crosses in front of the Generali-Arena. There was also no shortage of banners.

“The time of the gravediggers is over. Kraetschmer (CEO of FK Austria Wien AG, note), Muhr (head of the professional department, note) & Hensel (president, note) out!”, Could be read on a banner.

On another banner it became personal: “Not a threat but a promise: If you destroy our Austria, we will destroy you!”

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