Frustration and impotence of Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos laments on the pitch at Stamford Bridge.

At certain levels, Zinedine Zidane puts everyone in single file and asks for their DNI. The past matters. At Stamford Bridge, on the second leg of a Champions League semi-final, two names were too powerful to be left out, so Sergio Ramos and Eden Hazard showed up on the pitch from the start despite their torturous year of injuries.

The one in London was the fourth game in all of 2021 for the Sevillian with his team. Since the time of Filomena’s snows, he had barely added three moments, and limping. But the European call, the casualties and his last name recruited him to the cause. Tuchel also took his participation for granted, as he ventured to predict in the previous one.

However, the passage through Stamford Bridge worsened the life of a Ramos who, at 35 years old and unless he fixes it in the League, does not leave the tunnel this 2021: physical problems, indicated by forcing with the national team to chase a record after a recent injury, and in a labor dispute with the club’s presidency over the renewal of a long-standing contract.

In the skeleton of the stadium blue, the central collided with a rock carved by an obsessive German with a parted hairstyle. If his teammates suffered in Valdebebas the attacks of Tuchel’s army, in the return the meeting started as two bodies that did not collide head-on, but one, Chelsea, was waiting for the other to bite. In any case, the threat behind the whites was latent while upstairs they were only visible with the usual, Benzema.

Everything began to break after half an hour without the captain being able to stop the bleeding that opened in the center. Kanté, a martyrdom for Madrid in the tie, ripped through the defensive system by outwitting Casemiro, connected with Werner and there Ramos, with his back turned, was not able to stop the wall with the French. The movement ended up breaking the rear and the work that Havertz did not know how to finish, which stamped it on the crossbar, was done by Werner at will.

The goal unhinged Ramos, who soon earned a yellow in a skirmish with Azpilicueta in the fight for position. The center-back got out of the way of the Navarrese and carried a very committed card for his tasks. The action showed his frustration. It was still the first part.

The second deepened the cracks and visitor suffering. If at the beginning of the crash the danger was latent, after the break it was very clear. Madrid was as threatened as in Di Stéfano. In just 15 minutes, the attack had already shaken the defense of three centrals led by Ramos several times, escorted by a surprising Vinicius in the right lane. First, Werner did it in an action that Mount failed, then he felt sold against Havertz, who did not hit Courtois, and then Kanté failed, with Ramos running like crazy backwards. Only the low efficiency blue it relieved a pale Madrid because the threat was constant. Until Mount, after another robbery of Kanté, lord and owner in the prairie, finally collapsed the white hope.

A month ago, in the middle of the earthquake in the Super League, Florentino Pérez was also asked about Sergio Ramos and the manager started like this: “For now, we are fixing this season.” The response, buried by the magnitude of the crisis that was brewing in world football, showed how far both sides were. “I love Sergio very much, but we are in a bad situation, at Real Madrid nobody puts money in and we have to be realistic about what happens to us,” added the president. If the dispute is not settled, Stamford Bridge will have been his last European stop in white.

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