“From the rich who steal what the people created”: Herrera, Ozil, those players who oppose the Super League

Ander Herrera
Ander Herrera, Mesut Ozil, Dejan Lovren … those players who oppose the Super League.

Faced with the announcement of the creation of the Super League by twelve of the richest clubs in the world, the reactions were numerous. But the players have been rather discreet so far. Ander Herrera, who arrived at PSG in 2019, came out of his silence to speak frankly and without calculating his feeling towards a new closed competition. And he doesn’t mince his words.

I am in love with popular football, football fans, with the dream of seeing my team at heart face the best“, he wrote on his Twitter account. “If the European Super League advances, those dreams are over, the illusion of the fans of the team that is not a giant of being able to win on the pitch by participating in the best competitions will end. I love football and I can’t keep silent about it.

Passed by Athletic Bilbao, but also by Manchester United, which is one of the 12 teams that created this competition, the Parisian midfielder continues with the same ardor, the same tone. “I believe in an improved Champions League, but not in the rich who steal what the people have created which is nothing but the best sport on the planet.

The PSG midfielder was quickly followed by another international player, Mesut Ozil, the former Real Madrid and Arsenal star, still in the same vein: “Children grow up dreaming of winning the World Cup and the Champions League – not a Super League. The pleasure of big matches is that they only take place once or twice a year, not every week.

Current Zenit Saint Petersburg defender and Champions League winner with Liverpool in 2019 Dejan Lovren has expressed deep concern following the announcement of the creation of the Super League. “Football will be on the verge of complete collapse in the near future. Nobody thinks about the big picture, only the financial side ” he indicated. But the Croatian does not lose hope all the same: “I still believe that we can resolve this unpleasant situation.”

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