From playing in the Bundesliga to being arrested for participating in a large-scale drug trafficking network with 300 kilos of drugs

Former footballer Mustafa Kucukovic.

Mustafa Kucukovic played in the Bundesliga with the Hamburg between 2004 and 2006. Later he stumbled for continental football until his retirement in 2017. This Wednesday has been detained for alleged belonging to an international drug trafficking network.

Along with Kucukovic, a second person was also arrested, both being accused of driving. approximately 230 kilos of marijuana, 30 of hashish and 50 of cocaine between the months of April and May of last year. According to the police report, Kucukovic and his partner sold large quantities of drugs in and around Hamburg. These sales would be related to 20,000 euros in cash found in their homes, as well as mobile phones Y SIM cards from different countries.

As reported by the media Hamburger Abendblatt, the police had been investigating a criminal chat under the name of EncroChat. An encrypted platform that several agents infiltrated during 2020, collecting around 20 million messages and tens of thousands of proper names involved. As a result, German police have made arrests across the country, including that of Kucukovic.

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