Florentino Pérez’s key phrases about the Super League at El Chiringuito: “We want to improve and save football”

Josep Pedrerol and Florentino Pérez, during the interview at El Chiringuito

Florentino Pérez gave his first interview as president of the Super league to Josep Pedrerol, a journalist very close to his thesis, in a historical program from ‘The beach bar’ for the global impact it has had.

The president of the Real Madrid insisted from the beginning that the controversial new project in which 12 European clubs (plus 3 that will enter later, plus another 5 that will rotate) have been engulfed. “save football” and end him “UEFA monopoly”. This body and LaLiga were harshly singled out by Pérez.

These are the best phrases that the white leader left in his talk of more than two hours with Pedrerol:

“The most important clubs in Spain, England and Italy have to give a solution to the bad situation that football is experiencing. We came to the conclusion that by making the Super League instead of the Champions League we could alleviate the lost income. You have to make income profitable by making more competitive matches. Soccer has to evolve, as leagues, companies, people evolve … It has to adapt to the times we live in. “

“An analysis must be made of why 40% of young people between 16 and 24 have no interest. There are matches of poor quality and they are not interested. We understand that something must be done to make this sport more attractive. (… ) Young people have other platforms to entertain themselves, and for football to be entertaining, the better the matches, the more entertaining it will be. (…) Some say that the matches last a long time ”

“The same thing happened in the 1950s. UEFA and FIFA opposed the European Cup. What is the whole world demanding? Matches between the greats. That is what makes money, and that money goes to everyone. “.

“It is not true that it is a closed league. You can also enter the competition. Five teams will always come for sporting merits. It is not a closed league.”

“We want to save football so that, at least, the next 20 years can be lived with peace of mind and without teams that lose 200 million.”

“The players can rest easy because that is not going to happen (that they cannot play UEFA competitions). Sometimes the confusion is caused by the monopolies. UEFA has to be transparent. They have to say things why. UEFA does not have a good image in their history and I don’t want to repeat things from the past. They have to be transparent, dialogue and non-threatening. No one has done anything wrong. We are going to talk to them. They have made a format that in our view does not work. No There is no one who says that it works, I have spoken with all the leagues and federations, and they also say that it will start in 2024. In 2024 we are dead! There are clubs that have lost hundreds of millions in the last two years, from the English, Italian and other leagues. “

“How is LaLiga going to be worse? If it has stronger teams, everyone will be stronger. They are the mainstay of the competition. It is silly to say that we are going to end them (…) Someone has said that we are going to end the Leagues. Nonsense. It is the mainstay of all competitions. Does anyone in England think that we are going to end the Premier? The fans have been told and it is not like that.

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