Florentino Pérez: “The Super League has not disappeared, it is on standby”

Florentino Pérez in El Larguero.

The president of the Real Madrid and one of the main drivers of the Super league, offered his vision in ‘El Larguero’ after the sudden failure of the new European competition: “The Super League has not disappeared, it is on standby,” said the Madrid president.

“President of the Super League? No, president of Real Madrid, that’s okay,” the Madrid president began his appearance in his first speech after the sudden fall of the competition imposed by 12 European clubs.

“We have been working on this project for many years, and perhaps we have not been able to explain it“Florentino added, with the intention of clarifying the concept of the Super League.

“I am a bit sad and disappointed because we have been working in the Super League for three years. A project that consists of proposing what can be done to fight against the current economic situation of football. The League is untouchable, but where you can get some money is in the games during the week. The format that exists now, the one of the Champions, is obsolete and old and only has interest from the quarterfinals “

“There is money for everyone, so that the greats do not lose it and with solidarity for the rest of the teams. Of the 4,000 million soccer fans, these 12 teams brought together 2,000.”

“I have never seen a greater aggressiveness on the part of the president of UEFA and other presidents of Spanish leagues, it seemed orchestrated. Insults, threats, as if we had killed someone, as if we had killed football.”

“We only wanted to save football, because people believe that nothing has happened, but a pandemic has come and Madrid, instead of entering 900 million, will enter only 600”.

“A campaign was started, let’s say more or less manipulated, saying that we were not going to respect the leagues. There are people who have privileges and do not want to lose them even at the cost of the clubs being ruined, and the day the clubs are ruined privileges for all are over. ”

“We were missing three fixed and then there were five places that would be based on merits.”

“UEFA puts on a show that surprised me, but I think that a UEFA president has to be the right person, but they behaved as if we had dropped an atomic bomb. They have not given us the opportunity to explain it because they do not want to. “.

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