Florentino Pérez: “So much aggressiveness was something orchestrated”

Florentino Pérez used pressure to justify the failed attempt of the Super League, of which he was appointed president by the founding clubs. The top leader of Real Madrid, however, did not consider the groundbreaking championship for dead. “Whoever does it is wrong, we are going to continue working. I have never seen so much aggressiveness, it was something orchestrated. It has surprised us all. When we broke the news we asked to see the president of UEFA and FIFA. Nor have they answered us. In 20 years I have not seen this aggressiveness in my life. Threats, insults, as if we had killed football, “he said during the interview he gave on the program El Larguero de la Cadena Ser, in which he denied that Juventus had abandoned the project:” They say that Juve is not there, and not It’s true. I have spoken with Agnelli. He is seeing how we are capable, since we have with JP Morgan the amount to get out of the hole in which there are many, well to see what we do. It would be a sin if we did not consolidate this format. Because UEFA is talking about 2024, I don’t know where we will be ”.

After three intense days since the Super League was announced, Pérez did not hide his disappointment: “I am a bit sad and disappointed because we have been working on this project for three years. It consists of what we can do to fight the economic situation in Spanish football ”, he confessed. The leader said that football needs a change. “The League is untouchable, it is part of history. And the Champions League format is outdated, old and only interesting from the quarterfinals. Before it has no interest. We are all delighted that teams from some countries can face big teams. But when you’re in a situation like this … Last season among the 12 we lost 600 million. This format does not work and we came up with a format in which, without showing off, we would play the most important teams in Europe ”.

The model of a championship with the most important clubs is non-negotiable for the Madrid manager: “Those who are tall have a taller suit and those who are small have a smaller one. Not everyone can have the suit of the great one. The reality is what it is and the televisions say it. You see it in hearings. And if out of 20 you put 10 regular and 10 good, every time you put a bad one to give satisfaction you lose 20% of the income. I have come to help. No one understands the new Champions format. I, who am not stupid, have not understood. It is also necessary to do it now, that the serious situation is now. We do not know how long COVID will last, this year for sure and some say next. We have worked on the best solution. But if they want a modest team from Turkey to want to get in … It’s because the money comes from the good games in which there is competition. You have to do Federer-Nadal matches every Tuesday and Wednesday ”.

On the pressure exerted by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, he said: “With all my love, the English president is in elections. Those who have wanted to harm have done so. But when reality comes, see what happens. Those clubs are going to lose more than 2,000 million and they don’t have it. The English have it, but elsewhere they don’t. Many people have called me and congratulated me ”.

Regarding the reasons why the project ended up collapsing, Pérez indirectly pointed to Manchester City, which he did not mention, but pointed out: “A very complicated event occurs. It is difficult to explain, but there was someone in the English group who was not very interested. That began to infect the others. One was never very convinced. A binding agreement was signed. The Premier warming up on the one hand … They said they were going to leave it ”.

The president of Real Madrid admitted that they may not have explained the project well: “It was viable. The English see the atmosphere, I think UEFA puts on a show that has surprised me. I think that a UEFA president should be the right person. And it was as if we had dropped an atomic bomb. Perhaps what we have not done is present and explain it well, but they have not given us the opportunity either. Some don’t want anything to happen. It cannot be that in the English league these six lose and the other 14 win. And in the Spanish League, those at the top lose and the others win ”. Regarding the accusations of lack of solidarity from the 12 founders, he added: “If a modest club does not sell a player it will have a very bad time because television rights will go down. We must find a solution to talk about it and solidarity, we have said it. They have not even let us say what solidarity is. We give 400 million, then 600 … It is counted. We have made that money by working a lot with the most important financial institution because they believe in this project ”.

Pérez denied that the founding clubs were promised before signing their accession to the Super League that Bayern Munich, Dortmund or Paris Saint Germain would join the project later. “How is the German and French going to be promised, if we have all signed the same binding contract? We had three left, because at Bayern they are changing the managers. There were three left for Germans and French and then five that we would choose based on merit. And many other clubs that would play a second league or the Champions … The project was viable. The English see the atmosphere, and I think UEFA puts on a show that has surprised me ”.

Regarding the compensation that the clubs that have announced their departure should pay, the Madrid coach did not specify the amounts to be paid: “Almost all of them are still there. At the moment there are 12, they have not left. If they have to pay? Sure … Transparency is for others, I don’t have to give a contract from a man who is not here. I give mine, Madrid’s ”.

On the other hand, Joan Laporta, who when he was an electoral candidate had shown himself against the new competition, is now negotiating with the different agents involved to find a way out of the conflict. An authorized spokesman for the Barça institution commented yesterday: “It is not about putting a tweet or writing a statement to say that you are erased and that’s it, but about taking advantage of the situation to find solutions. UEFA cannot capitalize as a success that the tournament is not held because the problems and demands continue and the current economic framework must change and adapt the sporting one ”.

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