Florentino Pérez reaffirms himself with the Super League: “Everything has been manipulated. It is neither an exclusive plan nor does it go against the leagues”

Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid.

Florentino Pérez made speech in the newspaper ACE and stands firm in its project of the Super league, approaching the future of football as something not very hopeful if important changes are not made in its structure. But above all he defended that the Super League is not dead at all.

“What we have done has been to give ourselves a few weeks to reflect on the virulence with which some people who do not want to lose their privileges have manipulated the project”explains Florentino Pérez. “Already in January the UEFA president issued harsh warnings to the Super League. We wanted to discuss the details with UEFA, but they didn’t even give time. An orchestrated, manipulated operation was organized, such as I have never known. I have never seen anything like it, ”recalls the president of the Real Madrid.

The visible head of the Super League wanted to clarify that the European competition project does not end with sporting merits or is positioned against domestic leagues. “Everything has been manipulated. It is neither an exclusive plan nor is it against the leagues. The Superliga project is the best possible and has been done to help football come out of the crisis”, Says Florentino Pérez. “Football is seriously hurt because its economy is sinking and we have to adapt to the times we live in. The Super League does not go against the domestic championships and aims to get more money to flow for all of football. It has been thought to give more interest to the parties ”.

It is precisely this interest in games that seems to haunt the president of Real Madrid the most in his words. “The key is to recover the interest of the fans, in which there are more matches between Messi and Cristiano. Those of now and those that come later. The Madrid-Barça have stopped the world. Well, all the money that this generates has repercussions in all the leagues and in all the clubs ”. Among those clubs would be the PSG and the Bayern Munich, although they were not listed as founding clubs. “The group of twelve had been working and functioning for many years. But they were both going to be invited. “.

What Florentino is clear about is that the Super League must start as soon as possible. “You have to do it as quickly as possible, but first you have to explain the project to people in good faith, who have been manipulated by those who had no other objective than to defend their privileges.. Maybe they think that this is going to be good for them, but they are wrong, ”says Pérez.

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