Florentino Perez, Andrea Agnelli, Joel Glazer, which men are behind the Super League?

Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus, and Joel Glazer, president of Manchester United
Florentino Perez, Andrea Agnelli and Joel Glazer are the main instigators of the European Super League.

Their names have been in everyone’s mouth since Monday, April 19, 2021. Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez, Juventus president Andréa Agnelli and Manchester United president Joel Glazer are behind the establishment. of the controversial Super League. The first city is the leader of this new competition while the other two are the vice-presidents, the only ones to have expressed themselves publicly in the press release announcing the creation of this competition. Here is a light on these three businessmen, who have become bosses of three football institutions.

“The same thing happened in the 1950s with Santiago Bernabéu. At the time, everyone was against the creation of the European Cup and that changed football.” Florentino Perez appealed to his illustrious predecessor during the evocation of the creation of the European Super League, on the set of the Spanish program “El Chiringuito”. It must be said that the current leader of the Merengues has always been compared to the one whose stadium bears the name.

Indeed, the two men are the two presidents who have spent the most time at the head of Real Madrid (35 years for the Bernabeu, 18 for Pérez, who was recently re-elected). Their sports policy was also similar since they based their recruitment on the arrival of very great players (Alfredo Di Stefano, Ferenc Puskas and Raymond Kopa for the first, the Galactics with Zinédine Zidane, Ronaldo, Luis Figo and David Beckham for the second), to make the club grow. “I want to equal Santiago Bernabéu and win six Champions League “, Florentino Pérez explained in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport in 2018.

Obviously, the current president of the capital club was not inspired by his mentor only in the management of Real Madrid. In the 1950s, the newspaper L’Équipe created the Champions Clubs Cup (the ancestor of the Champions League), with the participation of Santiago Bernabéu and another member of the White House, Raimundo Saporta. At the moment, Florentino Perez is behind the creation of the Super League along with 11 other European clubs and has become its president. To see if this new competition will have the success of the one born by its predecessor.

Its name is one of the best known on the other side of the Alps. The Agnelli family has always been one of the most powerful in the field of entrepreneurship and football. His great-grandfather co-founded the Fiat company in 1899, before his uncle, Gianni Agnelli, became the boss of this automobile company. In addition to mechanics, the latter got into football since he became the president of Juventus in 1947. Since then, the Piedmont club has remained in the family since Andrea’s father, Umberto Agnelli has also directed Fiat and the Bianconeri. Obviously, the fate of the current president of Juventus was all mapped out.

Appointed president of the Turin club in 2010, Andrea Agnelli has always had a very globalized vision of football. And he put his ideas to work. The leader of Juventus has totally revolutionized the club by developing sponsorship, diversifying the club’s sources of income (museum, hotel) and changing the logo, to make it more universal with the famous “J”. “Andrea Agnelli is the embodiment of globalization in sport, in the wake of Fiat which is totally globalized “, analyzed the historian Giovanni De Luna, author of a book on the history of the club, for AFP. This globalization of Juventus has borne fruit since Umberto’s son recruited planetary star Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018. The Portuguese has thus become the most expensive player in the history of Juventus.

To carry out the project of the European Super League of which he is the vice-president, Andrea Agnelli left his post as president of the European Club Association (ECA) and betrayed his friend, the leader of the UEFA, Aleksander Ceferin. “I have never seen anyone like this. I mean Andrea Agnelli. I don’t want to be too personal, but this is the main disappointment. I have never seen anyone lie so much. We spoke to each other on Saturday afternoon. He assured me it was just rumors. An hour later, he no longer answered the phone“, attacked the leader of the UEFA. The price to pay to found a new competition …

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