Flavio Briatore joins the criticism against the Superliga … that he himself wanted to mount in the past

Fernando Alonso and Flavio Briatore have shared a great friendship for years.

Flavio briatore He has spoken this Wednesday on his social networks to comment on the latest sports phenomenon that already crosses boundaries between disciplines, the Super League. The one who was director of Renault in the golden age of the team has wanted criticize the project led by Florentino Pérez and twelve of the biggest clubs in the world to make their own competition.

“This Super League is the denial of the principles on which sport is based and in particular football: when there is no relationship between effort and success, because success is assured, when it doesn’t matter if you lose because you always stay where you are, the meritocracy is not there, and the strongest is rewarded, then it’s the death of true sport. This League was created by purely economic interests, to allow certain teams to fix their disastrous budgets“criticized the Italian.

Interestingly, the past and the newspaper library do not help to sustain Briatore’s argument, that up to two occasions has been related to similar large projects, or that, at least, represented an important division in the sport. In fact, not only tried it in Formula 1where you have earned your reputation, if not also in football, more than a decade earlier.

In the late summer of 1997, various figures of European football met in London, including representatives of the German, French, English, Italian, Spanish and others, to discuss the creation of a super league. Briatore was linked to this project from the Italian side, given its good relationship with Antonio GiraudoCEO of Juventus at the time, although he himself denied his connection to football.

Also in 2009, Briatore was in the “rebel” focus, this time in Formula 1, when together with Stéfano Domenicalli and Ferrari they studied the creation of abandoning the competition -and creating one by your side- due to the budgetary limitations of the FIA ​​for the 2010 season. Both the Renault led by the Italian and Toyota, Red Bull and Toro Rosso welcomed this unchecking.

After a meeting of the ten teams that made up the grid, precisely on a Briatore yacht, they arrived at a middle ground to make a proposal to the FIA ​​and ease these financial restrictions and continue with normality, ruling out the possibility of scare from dissatisfied teams.

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