Figo celebrates the decision of the TSJM and heats up the Madrid elections: “Go for them and for freedom”

Luis Figo, during the presentation of the charity match between Spanish and worldly legends.

The TSJM ratified this Sunday the call for elections in the Community of Madrid on May 4, after the regional president Isabel Díaz Ayuso, announced the call to the elections this last week. The reactions They have not been slow to arrive when the decision is known, and the former footballer has taken the opportunity to get back into politics Luis Figo.

Whoever wore the colors of Barcelona and Real Madrid in his years in LaLiga, wanted to post a message on his Twitter account applauding the decision of the Madrid Justice. “To vote, for them and for freedom“, he published in what has been considered a nod to Ayuso’s words.

The words of the ex-footballer also provoked several reactions in social networks remembering controversially the transfer that he starred in 2000 leaving Barça for his greatest rival, Real Madrid.

Coming from a defector you understand his reaction“o” applaud the elections one who knows a lot about transfuguismo, for the same reason as those of C’s “, wrote some users.

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