Figo and Rufián engage in twitter on account of the Madrid elections

Luis Figo and Gabriel Rufían

The irony and habitual retreat of Gabriel Ruffian I could not miss on twitter when making forecasts for the 4M Madrid elections. The deputy for Republican Esquerra He made his particular bet on which councilors there may be in a hypothetical right-wing government, and received the answer from one of the ‘winners’ in the pool: Luis Figo.

The ex-footballer could not miss in a matter of vital importance such as the elections in the Madrid’s community, and given that Rufián put him in the shortlist, he took the opportunity to remind him which ministries would come out in Catalonia in a similar situation. They are not casual names: except for Rufián, the rest are independence politicians imprisoned or escaped.

Many tweeters have read those “18 months” to Rufián as a message linked to the extreme right because of the meaning that this number has within Nazism, since it is usually used to identify the letters A and H, initials of Adolf hitler.

Figo has Portuguese nationality so he cannot vote in Spain. However, in recent months he has become one of the scourges of the Spanish political left, and has even been branded as one of the media spokesmen for Vox by according to what comments.

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