FIFA President threatens Super League teams: “Let them face the consequences”

Gianni Infantino, FIFA President

The head of world football, Gianni Infantino, has been frontally positioned against the project of the Super league. The president of the FIFA is thus aligned with UEFA and Aleksander ceferin, who has been your host in the congress where you have made these statements.

“I will be clear. From FIFA we do not approve the creation of a Super League. We have no doubt, “he warned, as he indicated in the previous statement in a more institutional way. Infantino also pointed out the possible consequences that this project may have in the form of sanctions against the players and the clubs themselves.

“Either you are in or you are out of UEFA Y FIFA. There is no middle ground. If some want to leave, let them abide by the consequences, “he declared. Florentino Pérez, president of the Superliga, spoke at El Chiringuito that they want to have international entities, talk with them and try to reach an agreement for, in their words, “save football”.

To argue his position, Infantino (iInvestigated in the ‘FIFAGate’ corruption case) has spoken of the foundational foundations of the International Federation that he presides over. “The Super League is a closed place. It is a break with the current institutions, leagues, associations, UEFA and FIFA. FIFA is built on the true values ​​of sport“, has boasted.

In addition, he has taken advantage of his speech to praise the next Soccer World Cup, which will be held in Taste. According to Infantino, the country “has made a great implementation in human rights” and “the 2022 World Cup will be the best ever.” National teams like the German team have already positioned themselves against it, but that was before the arrival of the Super League.

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