Ferreras’s fiery defense to the Super League: “Is the purity of football playing the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia?”

Antonio García Ferreras, speaking about the Super League

Antonio Garcia Ferreras he is not only a political analyst in his program ‘Red Hot’, it also deals with current affairs from other fields if they are relevant. The Super league has been the one that has made him open this Tuesday’s edition.

The journalist, very close to Florentino Pérez, began his program with a fiery defense of the project that has the president of Real Madrid (of which Ferreras is a self-confessed amateur, especially his basketball section) as the maximum driver.

In his editorial, Ferreras criticizes the hypocrisy of positioning itself against this new competition by entities such as the UEFA, the FIFA, The league wave RFEF, under arguments such as the “purity of football.”

“The federations and professional leagues have reacted with criticism and, above all, with a lot of aggressiveness. UEFA with Ceferin at the helm and with the strategy of blackmail, it has even gone as far as insult. He has insulted those responsible, the president of Juve, Andrea Agnelli, as if he were the defender of the essences of football. More authority than the Agnelli family regarding football than Ceferin. But it also threatens players, clubs and these 12 teams: Madrid, Atlético, Barcelona, ​​United, Liverpool … The greats of history in Europe. UEFA is not exactly a transparent, clean and honest organization. He wants to continue controlling the private farmhouse. And to win over the rest of the clubs, they are selling with lies that the national leagues are going to end. ”

“The reality is that football is going through a delicate moment and it has to react. The reaction cannot be in the hands of these characters. The new project must also guarantee the strength of the rest of the teams, also financial“.

“The political leaders must find out, inform themselves and know what they are talking about. And not sign up for football demagoguery. Or is it that the public officials of Europe are going to allocate 5,000 million euros with public money to mitigate the losses of these 12 founding clubs of this competition? That only seeks to transform and regenerate a football that is crushed by the pandemic. ”

“The purity of football. What is the purity of football? Playing the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia? Taking a World Cup to Qatar in winter after buying those who voted? Play a Spanish LaLiga game in Miami? I understand the concern of Sanluqueño, Cádiz, Betis or Osasuna. Of those who are defenders of the purity of football … They are only concerned with their farm.

Then they will say that one is from Real Madrid, so what? Above all we are from football. Those from Potrero or Sanluqueño can tell me about the purity of football. Infantino and Ceferin … man … they have taken a World Cup to Qatar buying from those who voted and going to play in winter! Everyone knows that Qatar is a great soccer power against the United States. “

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