Fernando Carro from Bayer Leverkusen pleads “for an upper salary limit”

Fernando Carro, CEO of Bayer Leverkusen, has spoken out in favor of introducing a salary cap. He explained that to the SID.

“In terms of my personal attitude and in view of the developments in professional football, I am in favor of a salary cap,” said the 56-year-old in an interview with the sports information service.

However, he considers an installation difficult: “I am skeptical whether it can be implemented – even if it were formally covered by EU law. We have enough examples where regulation has not had a positive effect.”

Rather, he appealed to the common sense of those responsible for the club: “If all football clubs were to use their resources responsibly, as is largely the case in German football, then we would be a big step further in the European environment.”

The future of head coach Hannes Wolf is still in the stars. “It is too early to judge that,” said Carro: “It is of course a possible option. But we will also carefully and carefully explore other options.”

Leverkusen boss Carro “very satisfied” with Wolf

When asked whether Bayer held on to Bosz from the Netherlands for too long, Carro said: “In hindsight, you’re always smarter. We played very well football with Peter Bosz for a long time. Peter suited us well, but in the end football is one Results sport. “

The move to Wolf “has fortunately had a positive effect on us. We have scored ten points with him in the last five games. The numbers speak for themselves. Others have to judge whether it was too late,” said the Spaniard.

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