Fekir scores a goal with a Maradona air

It was an ode to football from before, to that of the street, in memory of Diego Armando Maradona’s own moves with Barcelona, ​​Naples, Boca or Argentina. Nabil Fekir, talent in its purest form, caught a ball from his back in the Betis midfield. He turned like lightning to line up the Levante area, dodging rivals like the one who scares flies. With astonishing ease, that of those chosen by natural talent, Fekir tapped Aitor with his right hand under the legs. In a spectacular move, which condensed speed, coordination and change of rhythm, Fekir destroyed Levante to put the victory of a Betis on track for Europe thanks, among other things, to the talent of its best footballer.

Betis beat a good-looking Levante, but weak in defense, also thanks to the management of the match by Manuel Pellegrini, a coach who knows them all and who gave Carvalho and Juanmi in at the right time. Also with the previous contribution of two players like Mandi and Guardado, who played a superb match before Fekir decided that it was all over. The midfielder, who is world champion with France, leads this Betis in search of Europe, a goal that escapes Levante. Those of Paco López, the coach with the most official matches in its history, started well and had their options, but they could not stop Fekir at a key moment.

After the French goal, Betis made the second thanks to Juanmi and were able to get some more when Fekir and Canales combined in a wonderful way. Betis reaches 45 points and enjoys a great 2021. Only Barcelona and Sevilla have been able to defeat Pellegrini’s team, skilled in the changes, a good driver of a group wanting to claim their claim. And with the magic of Fekir.

Betis and Levante showed a good part of the qualities they treasure and also some of the defects that prevent them from being more competitive. They are two teams with an offensive vocation and good touch, which suffer, however, due to their defensive weakness. Levante, with a very offensive line-up designed by Paco López, began to endanger Betis with a very effervescent start to the game. It was difficult for the Betic midfield to understand the movements of Morales and De Frutos, who alternated diagonally clearing with dangerous forays down the wing. Levante played with two wingers and two forwards, plus pivot Bardhi, in a statement of intent. However, this profusion in attack hardly translated into clear scoring chances in the first half that, little by little, became Betic.

After Guido took a dangerous shot from Morales, the hierarchy of Guarded began to give command of the clash to Betis. Levante warned again in a Miramón center that Dani Gómez did not reach, but the game began to be played with more criteria by Betis. It was then that the defects of the Levant surfaced. Without options in attack, it is a team that suffers a lot in defense. And more with such an offensive lineup. Fekir and Álex Moreno, this one after a great pass from Guarded, enjoyed two clear scoring chances. Levante came to be dominated by Betis where Borja combined well with Fekir and Emerson and Álex Moreno hit on the sides. The Betic team lacked the contribution of Channels, something thicker than usual. Borja did not take advantage of a wild half exit by Aitor and still the goalkeeper stopped with difficulties a good shot by Guarded after a left behind by Borja himself, a specialty of the house. Levante, who started bossy, could feel lucky to hold zero to zero at halftime.

As happened at the beginning of the clash, Levante returned to command against a Betis supported by Mandi and Guardado. But the visitors were unable to sink their teeth into a team that enjoys a significant level of confidence. Pellegrini pulled the strings well and Fekir emerged from nowhere to draw his particular work of art. Levante, impacted by the goal, was easy prey for a Betis who made the second through Juanmi. The review, then, was complete of the verdiblanco group, which is fired in search of Europe.

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