FC Schalke 04 wanted Thomas Tuchel: Christian Heidel demanded a € 60 million transfer fee

Christian Heidel, sports director of Mainz 05, has revealed that he has asked for a transfer fee of 60 million euros for ex-coach Thomas Tuchel from Schalke 04.

“You may remember that we once had a case like this in Mainz when Thomas Tuchel was courted by Schalke and I said it costs 60 million euros,” said Heidel when asked about the current development of coach transfers Sport1.

The 57-year-old understand “not at all” that a coach should be cheaper than a player. “I think we are far from the end of the flagpole. If we say today that we are going to sign a player for 7.5 million euros, then that is nothing special. But then suddenly there is a big outcry among coaches. Just If the player costs 7.5 million euros, the coach is the boss of this 7.5 million euro player. So I don’t know why they should be cheaper, ”he continued.

After Marco Rose and Adi Hütter recently announced their departure from Borussia Mönchengladbach and Eintracht Frankfurt, the sums for coaching change were criticized. Rose costs five million euros, Hütter even 7.5 million euros. For Heidel it’s a normal development: “I’ve always said that the coach is the most important man on a team, in a club. That’s why I can totally understand that these prices are going up.”

Schalke 04 tried hard to get the Tuchel in 2014. According to the then Schalke sports director, Horst Heldt, the parties were even “very, very far”. Tuchel trained the Mainz professional team from 2009 to 2014, after which he prescribed a “sabbatical year” – his contract in Mainz continued for another year. He should therefore have been bought out of his Mainz contract. “Maybe I should have gotten the signature from him, we would have clarified everything else later,” said Heldt, looking back.

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