FC Schalke 04: Sports director Peter Knäbel strongly condemns the hunt for S04 professionals after relegation

Schalke’s sports director Peter Knäbel has strongly condemned the hunt of some S04 supporters on the professionals on Wednesday night after the now established descent of the miners.

“What players and staff had to experience has nothing to do with Schalke’s mission statement. Some of our players had to stay in the hotel. That is an absolute no-go,” said Knäbel in a video message sent to members of the Knappen was sent and out of the WAZ quoted on Wednesday, firmly.

Criticism is justified, after all, the result of the season so far with only 13 points and relegation four game days before the end is “disastrous”. But it is “just as disastrous” when “you have to worry about the life and limb of your employees”.

After the 0-1 defeat in Bielefeld, the team arrived at their home Veltins Arena early on Wednesday morning and was there after WAZ– Received information from 500 to 600 fans. After there were initially supposed to have been peaceful discussions, the leaders of the fan groups took the floor with insults and took action against individual players.

Schalke players were, according to one of Sport1 Not named professionals who were present were pelted with eggs: “Then a firecracker went off and the situation escalated completely. The fans attacked us. From then on we just ran. That was fear, pure fear! I just ran. Some we got kicks and blows. “

Schalke 04: Processing of the hunting scenes necessary for credibility

Knäbel emphasized that it would take “a few days” to process the events, which are necessary for “the credibility of the club and the board of directors,” but he is certain: “We have to do that.” According to Chief Inspector Matthias Büscher, the picture Quoted on Wednesday, there were no injuries or arrests, but it is being determined “whether and what reports there are against those involved in the attack”.

After the miners condemned the incidents in a statement on Wednesday morning, the “players’ alliance”, which includes professionals from the men’s and women’s Bundesliga, also spoke up. “Such violence is not part of football and no one in this world should act like this. Disappointment and its expression are part of sport, but that is beyond measure and has nothing to do with respect and fairness,” said a statement from the alliance.

Knäbel now demanded from the Schalke community that it “had to accept the second league”, because “that is now simply our bitter reality”. At the same time, the 54-year-old also spoke of a certain “charm” that the 2nd division could have for Schalke. “There are exciting, spectacular games waiting for us. We mustn’t reduce ourselves by our values,” said Knäbel.

A team that “symbolizes the Ruhr area, which Schalke symbolizes. We need a good mix of young and old,” he says, is needed for the “Resurgence” mission. To achieve this, the board of directors and the management planning department now have to “do a great deal”.

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