FC Schalke 04, news and rumors: Todibo is self-critical of S04 time

Jean-Clair Todibo looked back self-critically on his time at FC Schalke 04. Alexander Nübel’s advisor reports on incidents involving fans after the move. After racist insults on social media, S04 stood in front of Rabbi Matondo. News and rumors can be found here.

Jean-Clair Todibo, who was on loan from FC Barcelona to FC Schalke 04 last season, spoke about his time with the Royal Blues. “I made mistakes at Schalke,” he explained in L’Equipe, “A lack of humility, seriousness and professionalism made my loan a personal failure. It was a big mistake of the youth.”

In retrospect, he described the interlude with the Royal Blues as a “good hit on the back of the head”. Since then he has been taking his career much more seriously: “This loan closed many doors for me. I started to think differently.” With the Schalke team, who had a purchase option of 25 million euros, he only made ten missions.

At the end of his loan, he even apologized to the then Technical Director Michael Reschke, reported Todibo. Reschke replied: “With the potential you have, how can you behave like that? If you had the Kimmich mentality, you would play in Barcelona.”

Todibo was repeatedly said to have not trained properly. The central defender also had an argument with Dortmund’s Erling Haaland after the restart. In French he is supposed to be the Norwegian with the words “F *** your grandmother!” have insulted.

Todibo self-critical of Schalke time: “lack of humility”

Stefan Backs, Alexander Nübel’s advisor, felt the anger of the fans after his client switched from Schalke 04 to FC Bayern. Among other things, the agent’s car was demolished by Schalke supporters: “That is of course completely out of the question,” he said in the Sport1-Podcast My Bavaria Week.

He was “not at all” afraid, although there was a lot of hostility towards him and Nübel. The goalkeeper was whistled by his own fans and insulted on posters. This “force that I had hardly experienced” could have been prevented by the clubs, according to Backs.

“That was because Schalke 04 tended to stir it up and FC Bayern kept their feet still because they wanted to win the Champions League and championship back then,” explained Backs. Accordingly, “both clubs lacked flank protection”, “it was an unfavorable constellation”.

If Backs is objectively criticized by experts, he has “no problem”, but he ignores social media: “If I am insulted as an asshole, bum and wanker, I switch off. That is no basis for a discussion.”

Schalke supports loan player Matondo after being insulted

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