FC Schalke 04, news and rumors: Gross apparently has no future at S04

FC Schalke 04 is apparently looking for a new coach regardless of the outcome of the season. Ralf Fährmann is annoyed by the background noise before the derby. A Schalke legend is raising the corona alarm. News and rumors about the royal blues can be found here.

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Schalke 04 is located according to information from kicker already looking for a successor to coach Christian Gross. Accordingly, the Swiss have no future at Schalke regardless of the outcome of the season. The new sports director, who also has yet to be found, should be in charge of this personnel issue.

The contract of the current sports director Jochen Schneider, which originally ran until 2022, will be terminated by the end of the season at the latest, an earlier separation is also possible if a suitable candidate is found. Talks on this have long been ongoing, but the Supervisory Board has not yet been able to reach an agreement.

Mike Büskens, U-19 coach Norbert Elgert and NLZ manager Peter Knäbel are currently taking care of the two-pronged planning for the coming season. Schneider only has an advisory role. Once the right sports director has been found, in addition to looking for a coach, he is also tasked with finding a sports director.

Schalke 04 apparently already looking for a coach

The sporting situation is precarious for the bottom of the table, so it’s not a good thing that the focus in the past few days has been on events off the field. This also annoys goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann: “It’s not just about these people. There is always a lot written about the club, of course you can hear it as a player, whether you want to or not,” he said on Wednesday at a media round.

The separation from Schneider is “not exactly conducive to concentration for the weekend”. Although it is up to the team not to be distracted, “that’s how it is”. He does not blame Schneider himself, however: “I think he has chosen a good path by discussing it with us personally before it became public. What exactly was discussed, they were good words from Jochen, I would like to keep internal . “

Schalke is nine points behind the relegation place in the derby (Saturday, 6.30 p.m. in the live ticker), despite being an outsider, Fährmann has great hopes: “Derbies are always very special games in which anything can happen. These games have theirs own laws. I’ve already put a few derby videos in the team chat to get the boys excited. “

The wait for hope Klaas-Jan Huntelaar continues at Schalke 04. The Dutch striker will not be available for the time being, “said the Royal Blues via Twitter on Wednesday evening with.

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