FC Schalke 04 is apparently asking for police protection – Knäbel releases players from stakes

After the riots as a result of relegation from the Bundesliga, FC Schalke 04 apparently asked for police protection for the upcoming training units and at the same time strengthened their own security. That reports the picture.

“We will train with increased attention,” sports director Peter Knäbel is quoted as saying.

On Tuesday, players and officials in the vicinity of the stadium were chased, beaten, kicked and then sometimes even followed to their private homes by their own fans (all the background information is available here). An investigative commission of the Gelsenkirchen police is now investigating these incidents.

Following the incidents, the training sessions on Wednesday and Thursday were canceled. The team will only return to the club grounds for the first time on Friday. The Bundesliga game against Hertha BSC at the weekend was postponed due to a quarantine by the Berliners.

It is still open with which players Schalke will play the final four Bundesliga games. “We hold individual discussions with each player. Ask what has got stuck and offer help. If someone doesn’t want to play the remaining four games for Schalke, I can live with this position,” said Knäbel.

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