FC Schalke 04: Alexander Jobst reports threats against himself

The outgoing Marketing Director Alexander Jobst from FC Schalke 04 explained the reasons for his departure and gave insights into the hatred directed against him.

“It’s not about criticism. I was always able to deal with it. But if it goes below the belt and even threats, then a red line has been crossed,” said Jobst picture. “I talked to my family for a long time and came to the conclusion: the time has come to hand over my area of ​​responsibility.”

After ten years in office, the 47-year-old is leaving the club early at the end of the season despite an ongoing contract until 2024. When asked about the saying of long-time manager Rudi Assauer, “Either I can make Schalke or Schalke make me,” Jobst said: “For many years I thought about what he meant by that. Now I can say: I’ll be the next one to make Schalke Has.”

Jobst reported “anonymous emails, letters and social media posts” with threats: “For example, it says, ‘We know where your children go to school. Are you sure they come home every day?’ There were also requests to literally pour gasoline over me and burn myself to death. Believe me, something like that does something to you. “

Jobst is considered a stimulating figure for many Schalke fans. He advocated the outsourcing of the professional department, repeatedly called the highly emotional association “product” in interviews and promoted commercialization with numerous activities in China. Several times Jobst was asked to resign on banners.

Jobst about the incidents at the Revierderby against BVB

Although Schalke is on the verge of relegation to the 2nd Bundesliga, Jobst is satisfied with his work: “Regardless of the modesty: We have written a success story in marketing over the past ten years, increasing annual revenues to over 90 million euros in the meantime. I am leaving a foundation that gives Schalke the opportunity to become more successful again overall. “

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