FC Bayern – world footballer Robert Lewandowski: “I want to play for at least another five years”

World footballer Robert Lewandowski would like to go undetected for once. His wish: “Just go for a walk with the family – without this feeling of being watched all the time. Please don’t get me wrong, most people are very nice to me. But sometimes I wish to be a no-name,” he said Star of Bayern Munich magazine GQ. He also spoke about his future at Bayern.

“I haven’t really thought about what will happen in three or four years. But I want to play for at least another five years. Maybe longer if I can,” said Lewandowski (32) in an interview with GQ.

It is still unclear whether that will be at Bayern. The Pole’s contract runs until 2023. And according to his own statements, he feels comfortable on the Isar: “At the moment I’m in Munich, playing in the best team in the world, having fun with my team-mates and feeling very good here. I want to play football at the top level for a longer period of time. My contract with FC Bayern is still two years, but I think you can think about that. “

So far, FC Bayern has not heard that a further collaboration over the end of Lewandowski’s contract would not be considered. President Herbert Hainer rather emphasized that an early sale was not an issue at all.

Lewandowski also said that he had met many people on his way, “who only wanted to take advantage of me, who were not correct to me. As long as I had no children, I was also very closed in my private life. When my children were born, I was I understood what it means to be a father and what is important in life. Most important is the family, “said Lewandowski. That also made him “a more open, sociable person”.

Lewandowski: Lots of people “who want to take advantage of me”

But you could “in the end not live on credit all the time. Corona will likely have more problems for the teams that live mainly on credit. The transfer fees will definitely go down first.”

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