FC Bayern – Uschi Müller on goal record: “Gerd would allow Lewandowski”

“Bomber” Gerd Müller would not resent Bayern Munich’s striker Robert Lewandowski who scored 40 goals in the Bundesliga, according to his wife Uschi. “Gerd would treat him to it. He would be the first to congratulate,” she said Sport image: “He was always surprised that someone hadn’t caught up with him long ago.”

Uschi Müller also trusts the current world footballer to set the record. “I am absolutely convinced that Lewandowski can do it. He played a great season and is a hard worker,” she said. However, “as a wife, she would prefer Gerd to keep him,” she added with a laugh: “Dear Robert Lewandowski, 40 goals are enough.”

Lewandowski has 39 goals this season in the Bundesliga, just one goal behind Bayern legend Müller (75), who scored 40 goals in the 1971/72 season. Lewandowski has two more opportunities to break the record on Saturday (3:30 p.m. / Sky) at SC Freiburg and at the end of the season against FC Augsburg (May 22).

A comparison between Gerd Müller and Lewandowski makes little sense, according to Uschi Müller. “You can’t compare the two with each other. Robert is an athlete, Gerd was an artist,” she said: “He was like a rubber ball. Gerd always had two men on his feet. Lewandowski’s athleticism is that Impossible shape. “

Gerd Müller, who scored a total of 365 goals in 427 Bundesliga games, has been cared for in a home for people with severe dementia since November 2015.

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