FC Bayern: The press conference with Hansi Flick and Leroy Sane before the Champions League game against Lazio in the live ticker

On Wednesday, the second leg of the second leg in the Champions League against Lazio Rome is on the program for Bayern Munich (9 p.m. in the live ticker). You can follow the press conference before the game with FCB coach Hansi Flick and Leroy Sane here in the live ticker.

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14:21: Flick about the game: “We have a good series and of course we want to continue that.”

14:20: Flick on Rummenigge’s commitment to trust: “I have done everything on this topic. Nothing has changed for me. I no longer comment on the topic.”

14.19: Flick about international secondments: “Kathleen is in contact with the players and the authorities. We are not taking any chances. With David it looks like he might not be there (against Scotland). But the decision has yet to be made not hit. If a player has to go into quarantine, the clubs are allowed to intervene. We need all the players. “

FC Bayern: The press conference with Hansi Flick and Leroy Sane today in the live ticker

14:16: Flick about Nübel: “I don’t know the players’ contracts. I don’t know if there are any clauses.”

14.15: Flick, whether he would be vaccinated with AstraZeneca: “I can’t tell you. I have a confidence. If it is offered, it will be harmless. I don’t have to worry about that now.”

14.14: Flick about Neuer: “Kingsley and Manu didn’t train today, but we still have almost 30 hours. I won’t say anything about the line-up today. Kingsley has uscular problems, Manu has a bit of a cold. We hope that both will be on board tomorrow We will decide tomorrow morning. “

14.13: Flick about comparisons with last year’s team: “The differences aren’t that big. With the last few games, especially after the game against Lazio, you can be very satisfied with all of the games. We performed well.”

14.09: Sane is done with it, Flick is about to come.

14.05: Sane on the game: “A lot can happen. Just because we scored a few goals in the first leg doesn’t mean we’re through. Everyone is highly motivated and takes the game very seriously.”

14.04: Sane on the competition: “All three of us get along well (Kingsley Coman, Serge Gnabry and he), on and off the pitch. We have to accelerate. Each of us accepts the challenge, all three of us can only do better.”

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14.01: Sane on his form: “Of course you have to get to know the automatisms at the beginning. It was a bit more difficult for me at the beginning because I didn’t have the rhythm of the game. I feel better and better. Lately I’ve been up a bit.”

14.00: Sane is there. It starts.

Who is fit for the game against Lazio? Who is dropping out? Flick and Sane will answer these questions and much more today.

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