FC Bayern – Robert Lewandowski: After the record of the departure? What is behind the transfer rumors

With the record set by legend Gerd Müller, Robert Lewandowski has basically achieved everything in the Bayern jersey that can be achieved. A motive for a new challenge? Rather not. SPOX and goal classify the transfer rumors about the Polish goalscorer.

The praise was overwhelming. Robert Lewandowski was celebrated for his 40th Bundesliga goal of the season in Freiburg. Roy Makaay, who himself chased goals for Munich from 2003 to 2007, is still excited.

“Even in my day there was always talk and writing about Gerd Müller’s record,” said the Dutchman in an interview with SPOX and goal. “After scoring six goals in the first three games in one season, some asked themselves: Will Makaay break the record? But believe me: It was so difficult to even come close to that number. That Lewandowski has achieved it a few weeks ago despite his injury is extraordinary and I’m very happy. “

With the record, the Pole “has not shown for the first time what a great player he is”, continued Makaay: “For me he is the most complete and best number nine in the world.”

In connection with Lewandowski’s historical masterpiece, despite several denials by Bavaria’s responsible Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Lewandowski, speculations are picking up that the Pole could leave the German record champions in the summer – after all, he has now achieved everything in Munich.

FC Bayern: Lewandowski in demand at PSG and Chelsea

Cezary Kucharski, the goalscorer’s former advisor, doesn’t believe in any serious intention to make a move. Rather, he suspects the current reports are a strategy of Lewandowski’s current agent Pini Zahavi to put those responsible at Bayern under pressure in the course of talks about an extension of Lewandowski’s contract, which will expire in 2023.

“No matter what decision Robert makes: it will be a good one. But I know how this business works and I can imagine that these rumors will be deliberately spread with a view to the contract negotiations. That is a common strategy,” says Kucharski im conversation with SPOX and goal.

“One thing is clear: Moving to Paris was never an option for Ms. Lewandowski. I have had contact with PSG a few times in the past about Robert, but he never really wanted to deal with it. The door to Paris was always closed.” And England? “I can’t imagine that either. At least in the past, the Premier League didn’t appeal to him,” says Kucharski and concludes: “I think he’ll stay with FC Bayern.”

Kucharski, Lewandowski’s advisor until 2018, still leaves a back door open: “When we brought Robert to Germany, the plan was actually: Dortmund, Bavaria, Spain, USA. And it’s no secret that Real Madrid will one day be big dream was. “

However, the Spanish clubs are currently “not financially strong enough” to be able to afford the world footballer. Apart from that, Lewandowski has “certainly noticed in recent years that Bayern is the ideal club for him,” said Kucharski.

Kurcharski never had any doubts that Lewandowski’s career could have taken a negative turn over the past few years: “It was difficult for Robert at the beginning of his time in Dortmund, but there were no sporting reasons. He had to get used to life in Germany. he always had the talent and the attitude. I remember how I said to Jürgen Klopp before Robert’s second season at BVB: ‘If you let him play regularly from the start, he’ll score at least 20 goals per season.’ Now it’s not just 20, it’s 40! He can be very proud of himself and his career path. And I’m happy that I helped him on this career path. “

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