FC Bayern – Ottmar Hitzfeld: “Nagelsmann no risk for FCB”

The former successful coach Ottmar Hitzfeld sees record champions Bayern Munich well positioned for the future with the commitment of Julian Nagelsmann. “Nagelsmann is not a risk for Bavaria, and Bavaria is not a risk for Nagelsmann,” the 72-year-old told the newspapers Funke media group (Saturday edition).

Nagelsmann (33) has “developed very well at RB Leipzig, he is a real leader”. At the same time, Hitzfeld, five times champion and once Champions League winner with Bayern, praised the performance of the outgoing coach Hansi Flick. The 56-year-old has “achieved something historic” with six titles in Munich so far.

From his own experience, however, he also showed understanding for Flick, who is being traded as the successor to national coach Joachim Löw, who will stop after the European Championship. “Every Bayern coach is under close scrutiny,” said Hitzfeld.

In addition, the door to the national team, “which has now opened, may be closed in two or three years.” Flick would “definitely be an excellent solution” for the DFB.

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