FC Bayern, news and rumors – Lewandowski: “Don’t just look up to the tip of my nose”

Robert Lewandowski cares a lot about his fellow human beings. Also: Joshua Kimmich said goodbye to David Alaba with emotional words. Here you can find all the news and rumors about FC Bayern Munich.

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Robert Lewandowski has stated that he gives a lot of thought to those around him. “I don’t just look up to the tip of my nose and think that’s it. Other people’s problems are my problems too. If you just look at yourself, life is easy,” the 32-year-old told the kicker.

Lewandowski also assured: “There are no big differences between the type of then and now. It does not matter who you have become and who you are now. The most important thing is to always know where you come from – and I have never forgotten where I come from . “

The Polish striker has shown his social heart again and again in the past. Together with his wife Anna, he will donate one million euros in March 2020 to help out in the corona pandemic.

FC Bayern Munich, News – Robert Lewandowski: “Don’t just look up to the tip of my nose”

The 32-year-old has also been an ambassador for the UNICEF children’s aid organization since 2014.

Joshua Kimmich said goodbye to his long-time teammate David Alaba with emotional words after their last game together for Bayern Munich, the 5-2 win against FC Augsburg on the 34th Bundesliga matchday.

“David has become a very, very good friend of mine. He has given me and my family a piece of home here in Munich. Our families are very, very close. That makes it very difficult for me personally for him to leave us.” said Kimmich.

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Robert Lewandowski cannot yet grasp the dimensions of his Bundesliga goal record. “I can not yet assess the importance for my later life. Even the moment with 40 goals was something special. It was just inconceivable for me that I could reach this mark,” he said kicker.

FC Bayern Munich, News – Robert Lewandowski on record: “Not daring to dream about it”

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