FC Bayern, news and rumors: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge sees no special role for football

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge sees no special role for football in the current corona pandemic. Also: A striker legend believes in the record set by Robert Lewandowski. All the news and rumors about FC Bayern can be found here.

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Karl-Heinz Rummennige sees no special role for football in the corona pandemic. He understands the criticism “a little further. But we have and do not want a special role. Millions of people can currently work on appropriate hygiene concepts, including professional athletes,” Rummenigge explained in an interview with the World on sunday. “But unfortunately not everyone can work, and a lot of livelihoods are endangered by Corona.”

This has the consequence that the “debates are conducted increasingly emotionally”. According to Rummenigge, the high salaries of the players also play a role in the criticism of the football business. “Here we have ten years of irrationality behind us, that was not good.” The Bundesliga was not the “driver of development”, said the CEO of FC Bayern. Compared to other leagues, the Bundesliga was “still cautious”.

In view of the increasing incidence and infection numbers, he would like to see another game in front of spectators until his contract expires in December this year. “I hope that in my final months as CEO I will still be able to experience games with spectators,” said Rummenigge. “I wish we got the chance. Under the current conditions we are happy that we can play at all.”

FC Bayern, News: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge sees no special role for football

In the interview, Rummenigge also categorically ruled out Hansi Flick’s departure after this season and a possible engagement of the Bayern coach as national coach at this time.

“I told him that we were very satisfied with him. We would be well advised to finish what we had contractually agreed upon. I told Hansi that in no uncertain terms,” ​​said Rummenigge. The fact that Flick will not leave Bayern in the summer has “nothing to do with probability. That is a fact.”

Flick, who is traded as the successor to Joachim Löw, has taken this “professionally”. The Bayern coach has a contract in Munich until June 2023. The DFB had emphasized that he did not want to address a coach who is under contract. “President Fritz Keller confirmed that to me again this week in a phone call,” said Rummenigge.

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On the 26th matchday of the Bundesliga, FC Bayern won 4-0 against VfB Stuttgart. After a red card to Alphonso Davies, FCB had to play undernumbered for almost 80 minutes.

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