FC Bayern Munich, news and rumors: Kimmich quits his agent – that’s his plan now

Joshua Kimmich is separating from his consultancy agency and would like to hold contract talks with FC Bayern himself in the future. His goal: a place among the top earners. Also: Stefan Effenberg and Franz Beckenbauer comment on the farce around coach Hansi Flick. Here you can find the latest news and rumors about the German record champions.

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Joshua Kimmich is now working without a consultant and will represent himself in future contract negotiations. A report from picture, according to which the German national player separated from his consulting agency “fair-sport GmbH” SPOX and goal to confirm.

Kimmich himself stated: “This is a conscious decision that I made last year. I have decided for myself that I want to stand up for my values ​​and my views even more and that I want to live up to my personal responsibility.” In addition, according to the 26-year-old, he is “convinced that I can best represent my own positions towards others.”

The defensive all-rounder last extended his contract with FCB in March 2018. This contract is still valid until June 2023, but Kimmich’s plan is to soon rise to the top earners in the team such as Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer or Thomas Müller, who each collect over 15 million euros per year.

FC Bayern, News: Kimmich represents himself from now on

With his latest statements at SkyLothar Matthäus caused a sensation that FC Bayern was negotiating with Julian Nagelsmann and had already spoken to the RB Leipzig coach about “economic issues”. With Stefan Effenberg they didn’t go down well at all.

“A few experts get information from their favorite partners and give it to the public. From the outside, speculation is ignited that is so far away that I can only shake my head. That is inappropriate,” said Effenberg at Sport1.

Nagelsmann, who, like Flick, was contractually bound to his club until 2023, had denied talks with the Munich team. “If he says that nobody has spoken to him or his advisor, neither in the past nor currently, then I believe Nagelsmann 100 percent,” Effenberg clarified. “That was a clear answer from him. The job of some who move on television, it is apparently to ignite and spark this speculation. This is very deep boulevard.”

According to his own statements, Effenberg hopes for a positive outcome in the case of Hansi Flick: “The worst consequence would be if Hansi Flick voluntarily resigned from his contract in the summer. That would be fatal for the next few years. Because he is one of the best Bayern players. Coach who has ever existed in history. And Bayern have a great history. “

Today, Friday, Hansi Flick has another opportunity to comment on his situation at the matchday press conference before the away game at VfL Wolfsburg (Saturday, 3:30 p.m.). The PK with the FCB coach starts at 12 noon and can be seen LIVE on the official club channels (Facebook, YouTube). We at SPOX will of course accompany you again in the LIVETICKER.

FC Bayern, News: Beckenbauer demands commitment from Flick

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