FC Bayern Munich is switching to digital tickets for reasons of sustainability

In the interests of sustainability, Bayern Munich only wants to sell digital tickets in the future. The club announced on Monday.

As soon as the development of the pandemic allows spectators to return to the Allianz Arena, fans should also continue to be able to download their tickets to their mobile phones or print them out at home.

“Since sustainability, the conservation of resources and the reduction of CO2 emissions are central issues at FC Bayern and in ticketing, we have decided not to offer any printed tickets such as the annual chip card or paper tickets for the games in the Allianz Arena in the future “, said the deputy chairman of the board Jan-Christian Dreesen.

By saving plastic and paper tickets, around 350,000 printed letters that were previously sent by post will be eliminated. “This is a valuable contribution to climate protection and resource conservation,” said Dreesen.

The people of Munich had already informed their season ticket holders of the change a few days ago. As a thank you, they received an annual ticket in plastic form for the last time for the current season, in which no viewers were allowed due to Corona.

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